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December 07, 2005


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference librarians 2.0 don't need to be coders 2.0:

» lib4code from inkdroid
Thanks to Jessamyn I found Librarians 2.0 dont need to be coders 2.0 where Richard Ackerman has an interesting take on just how important programming skills are for a library technologist. Richard cites a paper from IBM on Service Oriented Arch... [Read More]

» Librarian code skillz from See Also
Do librarians need to be programmers? As the Simpsons' Reverend Lovejoy says, "short answer, no with an if; long answer, yes with a but." This memelet - librarians as coders - has been going around for the past few months.... [Read More]


I like this blog's visualization for two reasons. First, you say librarians dont have to. Second, you dont say what librarians have to. That is where I am surfing to find the nexus (as interdependent), see my Webliography: Librarians and Techies – A NEXUS.
Further, regarding the idea of the role [or call it place] of the librarian in this image on Project Life Cycle. Any clarification?
By the way, do we need permission to use the image on Project Life Cycle? I like to add it in my Webliography.
Best wishes from a information visualization blogger and Multifaith Librarian, Dr. Mohamed Taher

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