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February 25, 2006


How good is it, though? I signed up 2 or 3 weeks ago and have been using it. But it does not always seem possible to use it, and I am not sure if it works even for weblogs that allow its use. Any feedback?

Hi Petrona, well so far the service has this blogs implemented: Blogger, Xanga, Kaywa, MSN Spaces, MySpaces, TypePad (as here in the Science Library i'm leaving a coComment) , Wordpress, Flickr and MovableType is also in the process, maybe it was integrated already ;)

Many more are coming since there's been a lot of good feedback and people has been helping to make the service grow, If you have questions and comments please come along also to our TeamBlog and leave your views and requests, its just here:


we will like to learn and improve it according to the users needs and expectations.


coComment Team

I posted the above question using the cocomment button. Cocomment did not alert me to the response via my rss reader, I had to come manually to this blog to find it. I will tell them, but seems to me that things do not work!

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