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February 15, 2006


Hi Richard,

I enjoyed your post this morning. I just wanted to answer a few questions you pose:

The link to your summary is "permanent." You can, however, make it even more memorable by registering the summary that listed you correctly, and you'll have your own url: www.zoominfo.com/richardakerman that you can use as a signature. Then, you can combine the summaries where we didn't find enough evidence to combine them ourselves (we try to err on the conservative side so that we don't "overcombine" -- a worse mistak, I'm sure you'll agree). After combining the different summaries, you can edit the information to remove things like PDA.

In addition to the A9 people search, we've also published a directory that is being crawled by other major search engines. So ZoomInfo summaries are popping up in the search results in Google, etc.

thanks again for your feedback.

Brian Payea
Director of Corporate Communications
Zoom Information Inc.

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