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April 27, 2006


Open Source doesn't mean free - necessarily. In fact, Business Integration Technology (BIT) has identified six different open source business models (http://BusinessIntegrationTechnology.com/PDF/OpenSourceBusinessModels.pdf). But open source can _enable_ free. BIT has been working with pretty much the same open source stack for EME (http://businessintegrationtechnology.com/EME.html) as LogicBlaze uses in Fuse (and for a lot longer!), but we are essentially a consulting company and only charge for services rendered. So a company can make a business decision as to whether they want to implement and support the open source themselves, subscribe to an open source company's support, or use BIT as they see fit. That's really the way things should be. Companies should be able to choose what fits their needs rather than have a vendor dictate the business model.

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