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June 14, 2006


Hi Richard
I am an intermittent Flickr user, but I found it very annoying that I have to have a Yahoo! ID to join it. I haven't tried Picasa yet (am getting fed up with Google beta products that are frequently down or don't work properly), but have asked my 10 year old to check it out, as she is a regular, experienced Flickr user -- who has to pay to upload her pictures. If Picasa is both free and does not make you have a "google ID" then I think these are two factors in its favour (so far, Google applications don't make you use your Google ID to use them). However, know what you mean about Picasa missing the boat -- Flickr is a great site.

... I now see that Picasa is useless compared with Flickr, as it doesn't have tags. Pah!
Thanks for the helpful overview, I'll tell my daughter not to bother.

I joined Flickr before you needed a Yahoo ID, however, for any online photo service, you are going to need some sort of account ID. For Google Picasa *Web* you need a GMail account (which is basically now a Google ID).

I do recommend playing around with the Picasa *APPLICATION*, as it is free, doesn't require an ID, and is quite nice.

There are lots of other options for photo sharing and posting, Flickr gets the most attention, but I personally have mainly been using PBase. I think there are still unlimited free options out there - e.g. Kodak Gallery is pretty close to free, unlimited storage as long as you make one purchase a year.

One handy picasa feature is exporting an album as XML, which products like gallery use to quickly import an album keeping captions and all intact. This open-ended export allows for inifinite possibilities.

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