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July 08, 2006


Hi Richard,

Touching on a few of your very valid observations:

When we first implemented this service we chose to go without the geo:Point element. The specification seemed to us a bit fuzzy on this with one example showing geo:Point and one without. W3C Basic Geo Vocabulary.

Some example text certainly couldn't hurt. I'll see if I can get something in there.

We've gotten a small trickle of comments over the year since we implemented this feature but not enough to give us any good indication of what types of services are making use of this. Underutilized would be an accurate characterization of this service in its present incarnation.

In general, we're always looking to our publishers to help us enhance and modify services to help serve them best. Please do drop me a line at feedback@feedburner.com if you think this merits further discussion.

Thank you

Jon Klem

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