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October 24, 2006


Well I love the internet. And I am quite happy for my daughters to use it as much as they want, too. Yes, there are probably lots of rubbish things out there, and worse. Welcome to the world! But the creative activities you can do on the internet, thanks to all that wonderful free software that people have given, are just fantastic. And the ease with which one can find information -- well, I don't need to preach to the choir, but this guy is nuts from the sounds of it.

You might like the MetaFilter thread on this story (they found a link to the original story online, too).

Here is my letter to MacLean's

The Internet is much more than a haven for vices. The vices existed before: phone scams, stalking, gambling, etc. Out of curiosity, a Google search for "porn" yields 124,000,000 hits, while a search for "religion" yields 441,000,000. Now, which one worries you more?
People who use their brains for research and higher learning rely heavily on the Internet. We find our articles, manuscripts, books online, we communicate with our peers around the world almost instantly. We exchange ideas and collaborate on research. Of course, we could have done the same flying, sailing, or riding horses, but the Internet made it more practical. Moreover, consider what people who live away from family and friends can do. They can talk to their relatives and friends in distant places for a very small price. Smoke signals just don't cut it. Has the Internet gone wrong for these people?
In my view, the Internet is about empowerment. It's not about what "the Man" allows me to see.
It's all about what "I" choose to see.
By the way, I read this article online and replied by e-mail. If you lower the price of that ad magnet, I might buy it and if you fire up your telegraph, I might just send this again in morse code.

Hey, thanks for this post. I read this article and thought the exact same things that you did. I'm glad that other people are believing the same thing that I am on this subject.


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