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December 03, 2006


Richard, I am glad you posted about this as it was on my blogging "to do" list. I beong to the Association of Professional Futurists and this topic was raised some weeks ago on the APF electronic list. One of the organizers of Pop!Tech wrote about working with SELF (Solar Electric Light Fund www.self.org) to create a "carbon neutral" event. This is from the Pop!Tech blog:
"This year Pop!Tech partnered with the Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) and Lexus to offset double the carbon emissions generated as a result of the conference, making Pop!Tech 2006 not just carbon neutral, but ‘carbon negative’. To do so we calculated the carbon emissions of all attendees, taking into account the air & vehicle travel for each attendee as well as the total energy consumed at the Camden Opera House over the three days of the conference. By carbon offsets purchased from SELF will help fund SELF’s goal to provide solar electricity to 44 villages in Benin - bringing clean, renewable energy to homes, schools, health care clinics and micro enterprises – and improving the quality of life for these residents in fundamental yet profound ways.(www.poptechprg/blog)"

It would be nice, wouldn't it, to see major ibrary associations incorporate this into the infrastructures of conferences. How to do this?

Richard Hi,
I had the same idea as you a year ago when I started the Treeflights project. I went to every British airline and without exception they rejected the idea that they could give people a built in offset option.
Their problem is that (at that time at least)they were unable to acknowledge that flying is a destructive activity,which would be implicit if they facilitated offsetting. The debate has moved on a bit now and I can see a time when to fly without offsetting will be seen in the same light as smoking around children i.e. as being selfish and destructive to future generations.
Thanks for the link!

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