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May 06, 2007


This was a good comparasion, thanx a lot! Have used the Sony GPS CS1 for a while and are thinks it interested to read about alternatives to it. My CS1 have issues in city environments and I think that the concept with "rechargeable batteries that charge automatically over USB" seems like a better solution.

Thank you. You did an excellent job with your review. I just have two questions:
(I'm looking forward to your reply/input)

1. In your Comparison Chart you stated that the Sony GPS unit is Mac compatible. Are you sure about this. I went to the Sony store yesterday with the intention of purchasing the Sony GPS unit. At the store, I noticed the box said on it, for PC only. I called up Tech Support. The person I talked with said "yes, the Sony GPS unit is only for PC's, anyone who is a Mac user will not be able to use this device." It appears that the software that comes with the Sony GPS unit is PC only. And without the software there is no way to get the info from the GPS unit to the photos. This is what I was told.
Are you sure it is Mac compatible? Did you find any supporting documentation that states that it is Mac compatible? Have you tried it with a Mac yourself?

2. I noticed that you wrote this article very recently. I'm not sure if you realize this, but Sony come out with a newer version of the Sony GPS unit that you did your comparison/review on. On Sony's web site it lists two models:

GPS Device

GPS Unit Kit

http://www.sonystyle.com/... ...ame=acc_DIAccessories_gpstracker&Dept=cameras

Both have the exact, price and specs as far as I could tell. I called up Sony Tech Support. The person I spoke with said that both models do appear to be exactly the same according to the specs. But he was able to confirm that the CS1 was the original model and CS1KA was just recently released. He able to find and tell me the dates that each were released. He confessed that he didn't know why both models are up on the site. He didn't know what was different about the new model but we can only assume that the new model is better in some way.

You said in your article that "Sony doesn't say what chipset they are using, but as it is 12 channel, it's probably SIRFstar II. Upgrading this would be the biggest single improvement Sony could make to their device."

I wonder if the new model is now SIRFstar III.

I wonder if the difference in models has anything to do with the Mac Compatibility issue. Although, I don't think this is very likely.

Chris, in response to your questions:

A1: The Sony GPS is compatible as a file device with Intel Macs running OS X 10.4.9 or later). To use it in this way, you need additional software, e.g. GPS Photo Linker, to match up the files you retrieve from the Sony with your photos.


The software that comes with the Sony is Windows only, as far as I know.

I don't have an Intel Mac, but I rely on the reports from


A2: The main difference between the CS1 and the CS1KA is that the CS1 doesn't come with Picture Motion Browser (which adds some mapping capabilities) and the KA does. Also the KA explicitly states it is for any camera, whereas the CS1 was marketed for Sony camera compatibility only (although it worked with any camera anyway).

This is not a big deal (to me anyway) since you can just use GPS Visualizer to convert Sony .log tracks to whatever map display you want.


If you read my review of the Sony, you will find all of the above information.


I am fairly certain that the additional Sony software is all that has been added to the KA, if they had changed the chipset, it would be a bigger upgrade and it would be obvious (SIRFstar III chipsets are 20 channel, not 12).

Thanks a lot for this review. I am going to follow your advice and opt for the Globalsat DG-100 + RoboGEO solution, mainly because of its three programmable logging modes and its button used to save a waypoint manually: I would suggest you to add both to its advantages list.

Could you add the accuracy and the operating temperatures of each device to the Comparison Chart?

Thanks for this review and the updates in the Sony unit review. I've been contemplating geotagging stuff for a while and have started biking so its more relevant now. The Globalsat DG-100 sounds perfect for my needs.

You may be interested in DGManager.NET


It's an improvement on the software that comes with the DG-100 and it lets you geocode your photos.

I bought the Globalsat DG-100 and I find it excellent! It would have been nice to have a little display with the time of the day, very useful to set up your camera time settings.

To set or modify the photos date and time EXIF fields I recommend:
Photo Studio

For geocoding:
Zoner Photo Studio
The Xpress is a low priced version of Zoner Photo Studio (only 10 EUR) and offers the full GPS Support function.

I have discovered this other good geotagging software: GPicSync.
It's free and open source.

Thanks for this review, I wish I had read it before I bought my sony!!!

Do you have to use the globalast software at all? Couldn't you just access the data directly with robogeo and let it figure out how the different chunks of data fit together?

The DG100 does not mount as a disk like the Sony does, so there is no way for RoboGEO to directly access the data. The data must first be downloaded using the Globalsat application, which knows the specific protocol for communicating with the DG100 to access its files.

Hello I've ordered i-Blue 747, I suggest you to look for some information about it. It seems a great accessory.

The merging tip may just have saved the BT-335 from going back to the dealer. As it was the 95 interval chunks made processing the data (we do travel time studies with the data logger) much too time consuming. Using the completely non-intuitive (and not mentioned in the users manual for the GlobalSat BT-335) "Map", "View Points" to merge the files was a life saver! Thanks very much for that great tip!

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