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November 12, 2007


Hey Richard,

I went through the source of the page and found a direct link to the video that starts with the facebook panel:


I'm also not middle aged, although not yet. Still I would hope you found my contribution to the show as being useful. :)

They key thing about facebook, in contrast to blogs for example, is that as a platform it is far more accessible and easy to use. That's why so many people are using facebook, and via facebook are finally using the internet in a genuinely interactive manner.

I've been running a blog for several years, and before that ran email lists and discussion fora. Facebook is totally different in that it brings a much broader audience to the table. I'll post the same content to my blog and inside of facebook and the facebook note gets way more comments and responses.

I also think that facebook is subjective, and it is what you make of it. So some people don't get cause they don't use it in a way that expands their horizon(s).

I write a blog cause I want to express myself and speak to an audience. I use facebook for similar purposes, but also like the way it facilitates this broader interactivity I mentioned.

Maybe when more people start using google reader and similar apps will blogs get to a mass level the way facebook currently is...


I guess it depends on your audience, my postings are generally very technical anyway. Also I can easily separate professional from non-work activities in a way that is not currently possible in the flat space of Facebook. When Facebook adds more grouping and filtering capabilities I may use it a bit more. The fact that it's closed still creates a lot of issues: I create (or copy over) content for them, for free, which depending how you read the terms&conditions, they then own. They get all kinds of statistics about the content itself and who accesses it, none of which analysis is available to me as "just a user", and all of which is used by Facebook and partners to market back to me and my friends. Also, none of the Facebook content can be discovered in a general web search, or join the general web discussion. Contrast that with my blog, where I get stats on every visitor and click, and where anything I write shows up in Google and Technorati almost immediately.

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