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December 12, 2007


You're kidding me -- you have monthly data limits for your internet access? At home? Really? for high speed internet?

Canada generally has pretty good high-speed Internet and has had so for a long time. 8000 Kbps down / 800 up is Can$53 from Rogers. But there is indeed a bandwidth cap. You'd have to work fairly hard to exceed it though: 100 gigabytes(GB)/month. They are reasonably up-front about the cap (now). Oddly the fastest service - 18,000 down / 1000 up for $100 a month, has only a 90GB cap. They provide good online tools for viewing your usage, I typically use about 4GB a month, and that's with non-stop web, software updates, photo uploads and World of Warcraft.

That being said, I can certainly imagine there are lots of people who never read any of the information about caps (which was not so prominent or even existent on older versions of their signup pages) and who never check their online usage stats, and who have BitTorrent running 24/7.

Honestly, I expect mostly people are constantly torrenting movies and TV shows if they hit their cap - which maybe is their neutral net right, I guess it depends on your expectations from your ISP.

That being said, with iTunes Canada now offering TV shows, and with more legal Internet video an inevitability, I can see it becoming an issue. Or if you upload a lot of videos to YouTube or wherever. Another scenario I can imagine is hard drive backups - if you decided to push a copy of your HD over to e.g. Amazon S3, you'd almost certainly hit the cap. If I decide to start using Internet backup, it may become more of a concern for me.

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