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June 18, 2008


The Firefox 3.0 autocompletion is based on web addresses in your history, as well as visited and bookmarked page titles and tags along with web addresses. So, VALA is coming up because you've visited it in the past.

This is different to the Firefox 'search from location bar' feature, which requires you to type a term and then hit return.

Thanks for your blog, BTW!

Ah, the "AwesomeBar" ( http://www.dria.org/wordpress/archives/2008/04/17/628/ ): "the AwesomeBar will match what you’re typing (even multiple words!) against the URLs, page titles, and tags in your bookmarks and history, returning results sorted by 'frecency' (an algorithm combining frequency + recency)." I'd guess you visited the VALA site more recently than the ALA site, so that is why it was showing up first.

But to your point -- yes, this is another reason (in addition to search engine optimization reasons) for putting good TITLE tag information into HTML pages!

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