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July 22, 2008


Have a look at the Grande Bibliothèque du Québec, the exterior is maybe not that great, but the interior is beautifully designed. http://www.patkau.ca/project/gbq.htm#

Well said. Ottawa does deserve a new central public library. I totally agree that those who seek to find a monetary bottom line ROI for a public library are going to search in vain. The value of a public library is in the public good it provides to its community as a meeting space and learning space. Libraries need to be recognized as being an important part of the learning continuum of individuals as they grow from children to adults. They also serve to make up for a market failure in that no one can own all the books they will need through life to learn, enjoy and grow.

Having said that, there are ideas that could be explored to leverage resources within the local community similar to what has been done elsewhere. The example of the Grande Bibliothèque du Québec is a good one that could be emulated here in Ottawa. Could something be done to perhaps bring together the Ottawa Public Library and the Library and Archives of Canada (which has its main location on 395 Wellington and also in need of a new building!) and have one new beautiful building?

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