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2022 G7 Science Ministers’ Communiqué

German G7 Meeting
Frankfurt am Main, 12-14 June 2022

G7 Science Ministers’ Communiqué - BMBF

Directly link to PDF: Microsoft Word - G7 Science Ministers Declaration_20220613 (

Canada is represented by Dr. Mona Nemer, the government's Chief Science Advisor.

Selected highlights related to open science.

  1. Promoting and protecting freedom, integrity and security in science and research


We ... have decided to explore a Working Group to strengthen the cooperation between the G7 partners on
effective science communication. The focus is on the promotion of an evidence
informed development of science communication practice and enhanced science

We support the work and results achieved so far by the G7 Open Science Working
Group. The group has made noticeable progress in examining data-sharing
infrastructures, research evaluation policies and open science incentives, and lessons
of research on research, and has identified barriers, challenges and enablers for
practicing open science that deserve and require common action (see Annex). We
encourage the group to continue its exploratory work and follow up with tangible
recommendations based on good practices and guiding principles.

Annex to the G7 Science Ministers` Communiqué 2022

II. Open Science and Open Science Working Group (OSWG)
We will continue to promote open science with open and rapid sharing of knowledge,
data and tools. We recognize and reacknowledge the importance of our universities,
research organisations and science academies, as well as the industrial sector and civil
society groups. We jointly pursue these common goals, with renewed vigour and
determination in the continuation of previous declarations on international
cooperation in research and innovation.

We recognize open science as an essential enabler of scientific integrity and good
science communication. Making scientific research available to scientists, innovators,
students, educators, government and non-government entities, the private sector,
and the general public therefore providing the transparency necessary to build trust
in science. It also helps to ensure that scientific results are communicated in ways
that are open and equitably accessible to all based on mutual trust and confidence.

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