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December 15, 2007



I am very weary of any GPS device that needs dedicated Software to read the data as opposed to being mountable as a USB stick.

Just imagine that on a holiday you'd like to read out your data and an internet cafe is the only place to be as you did not bring your computer. Forget it!

Suppose you want to switch to Linux? Dedicated software then will let you down.

And finally, using a com-port for communication is asking for trouble. We are in a USB era, mainly for ease of use.

Stream Direct

My questions is if the GPS still tracks and tags photos based on the utc time? I am going on a cruise and always set my camera to my time zone and leave it there. My thought is that as long as the GPS stays on UTC and my cam stays on my local time zone it should still be able to tag correctly as the difference in the 2 never changes.


After only 2 trips the battery cover of my DLP700 broke off and the side of the casing is showing a crack. Luckily, I always carry some duct tape with me so I could continue recording for the rest of the trip but for a device that cost around 70 euros at the time of purchase, I expect a better build quality!

Furthermore the software needs an installation code that limits you to only 3 installations. Rebuild your PC or replace the pc in the meanwhile and you can no longer install the needed drivers.

So my next purchase will definitely not be a Gisteq.


Update on my previous review.
I have contacted Gisteq Support on this matter and they acknowledged it was a known fault in the casing. They are now negotiating with the manufacturer for a final solution but in the meanwhile you can let your casing be repaired. They offered me to send over a "modified" casing or I could contact some resellers in Europe. I forwarded their mail to the reseller from whom I bought the device and it was repaired without extra cost.

So after all a very satisfying experience with Gisteg. Hopefully it will hold now until a final solution can be applied to the casing.

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