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December 29, 2007



Hi Richard

You can export to Google Earth format directly using BT747!




You can debate whether it's actually an issue, but technically even what you call "passive" devices emit significant electromagnetic radiation due to the high speed clocks used in the circuits. That's why all electronics have to be off during take-off/landing even if wireless is turned off. So technically, the gps unit should be off too. But like I led off with, it's not clear (to me) how much is really too much to be a problem. Obviously they allow things like wrist-watches. Most are low-frequency circuits and emit less, but some aren't.

The FCC regulates how much EMF can be emitted but I've seen some devices have crazy effects on other devices (eg, squawks on speakers when the device gets close) so it's not trivial amounts. Bluetooth uses low-power signals typically, so I wouldn't be surprised if some poorly designed devices emit more noise than a bluetooth device...

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