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January 14, 2008


Richard Akerman

@Alan as Thom said, you don't need to sync the *AGL3080* time (GPS loggers get their timestamp directly from the GPS satellites. You do need to set your *camera* to very accurate time. See my posting "about time" for more information on good sources http://scilib.typepad.com/science_library_pad/2007/05/about_time.html or if you're in the USA, just go to http://www.time.gov/


Actually, the AMOD AGL3080 does support varying trackpoint recording frequencies. The manual explains a sequence of keypresses that will change the amount of data recorded. This is a little unclear, I may try to post a better translated instructions, but it is possible to record every 10 seconds.


Great review! Now that you can set different recording frequencies, does battery life improve substantially if for example you select mode 3 (every 5 seconds) or mode 5 (every 10 seconds)? I am going on a 2 week trip to a remote area and don't want to have to bring enough batteries to change every day... I plan to keep the unit on for about 15-16 hours per day. Thanks!


Thank you for your review! The suspiciously straight AMOD AGL3080-Track on Albert St (between Bank and Kent St) seems to be filtered by the Static Navigation Filter (all movement below 5km/h removed) - while MTK seems so jittery (SN off?). The trail on Bank St seems more suitable for comparison. (However, there is new firmware available SN on/of).


Great review. This helped me make my decision to purchase one and I'm happy with it. I had a GISTEQ but it stopped working and the support was bad.

Support for the AMOD has been great. I exchanged a number of emails with support about the device and they replied very quickly.


Purely on specs between the Gisteq CD111 and the AGL3080, isn't the battery life difference--32 hours for a rechargeable built-in vs 15 hours for 3 AAAs--rather compelling? I think recharging an in-device battery is easier than swapping batteries, especially three at a time (and having to remember to bring those batteries, as well as a charger if using rechargeables).


thank you for this review!
I have question regarding to tracking information: during my Prague trip where I am testing Amod, i noticed that green led (in the middle) diode is constantly on, even it should blinking. when it is constantly on, it means that the signal is poor on no signal. So i am always not sure if it gains information or not. is it ok that in big city it cannot reach signal? also i noticed that information is not very accurate. thank you. bone


It's been about two years since this article was originally posted. Have there been any new gps loggers that work with the Mac without drivers? I know there are conversion utilities but I'd like as seamless a process as possible. I'd also like a unit with a screen for easier matching of the time and setting modes.

I'm looking into this because the new Aperture 3 has GPS track log support (one of the videos mentions "GPX" or "NMEA" formats).

Allen Braun

You say: "There are no user-configurable settings for the AGL3080, it logs tracks from its SIRFstarIII chipset every 1 second. This to me is a rather unfortunate choice, I would rather it log less frequently, perhaps every 10 seconds. The two consequences of this logging frequency are very large individual log files (NMEA 0183 format), and limited (70 hours) total logging time, even though it has a generous 128MB of file storage."

However that is plain wrong. The 3080 has 6 recording modes including one for every 10 seconds and different string lengths. Read the manual (online) for how to set it up.

Stu Harris

Great review and still very much relevant today, even though it was written back in Jan 2008. I use the AMOD AGL3080 with Aperture 3 and it works beautifully with the new "Import GPS Track" feature in Places. Just plug it in via USB and it will mount as an external USB drive.

Feedback regarding use in the city... I'm stating the obvious, but this is always going to be a challenge for any GPS device to gather sufficient satellites and give an accurate reading.

I've found that the AMOD does consume batteries rather rapidly, I'd like to see a battery indicator on the unit, but aside from that it's a great companion product for every travelling photographer.



I just bought the AGL3080 and updated the firmeware with version 2.3 and experiencing connectivity problem.
On the same track(my leaving place to my work) on 2 different days it doesn't find the signal from 1 day to the other.

I tried to reinitialise and clean the file and still not working
PS: I am leaving in Belgium.....

Thanks for your help !

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