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January 13, 2008



awesome comparison spreadsheet. just speechless


Do you know of any decent GPS logging devices that logs only when it senses movement and lasts 20 hours?

Thanks for this spreadsheet! With all the different GPS devices, it really gets difficult to keep track of which devices has which features.


Richard --

One thing that would be nice to summarize is whether you can upload tracks, etc, from the bluetooth port. Apparently some can only be uploaded via the usb port. I know for certain that the Holux m241 can be driven by the bluetooth port (with its meager command set), but it's hard to figure out whether others do or don't.


From what I've read the GiSTEQ Photo Tracker now supports Mac and includes the software. From what I can tell, the "Pro" versions CD111PRO or CD110BTPRO basically include the $25 Pro software you can buy from their site. But what is NOT clear at all is what good the BlueTooth (BT) does for Mac. I've not found anyone who can suggest it is worth the higher price. Maybe you can update your charge or page to indicate what you can verify of what I state since I haven't verified it myself with a purchase.


I'm not sure when this changed, but I was just looking into the AMOD AGL3080 and the user guide specifies that you can choose between 6 logging modes.

See page 6 of the User Manual at the following link:


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