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January 29, 2008



thanks for the review. I just received my M-241 today and fired it up for a bike ride home from work. However I didn't recall that you need to manually start the logging (unlike my Wintec WBT-201) so I guess it didn't record anything. I'll try again tomorrow.

I'm not impressed with every point being recorded as a waypoint, though that should be easy to fix with a Python script that reads a .gpx file and writes out another one with each waypoint converted to a trackpoint.


Have you attempted to change the logging resolution using any of the other MTK tools? I know that some of them support 5Hz logging, http://www.gpspassion.com/forumsen/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=81990. This is something I'd be very interested in finding out about prior to buying...


Richard Akerman

Eric, I tried setting the M-241 to log at 5Hz (5 data points per second) using BT747, but I wasn't successful.

It continued to record only one data point every five seconds.


I've not got a M-241 yet since one thing concerns me a bit (though I don't know in practice if it's a problem) - but in the online PDF manual I found (p. 12) that, the device should be "stopped" before you turn it off since the log can be damaged... Ahmm I thought then what happens, when the battery is dead - is the log then also damaged or does the device stop automatically by itself?? - so the log is saved ok?

Thanks for a great review ;)

Robert Wong

The M-241 looks really interesting. From reading your reviews, it has a lot of features (display!!, bluetooth). I wish it had the vibration sensor (like the GISTEQ DPL700 PhotoTrackr Lite). I also wish it (like you said) the "automatically start logging upon turn on".


I've found that pressing the mode button when in the Lat/Long display mode stores waypoints. Don't know why it's not documented though.


I am interested in the M-241, too. But i would like to use it with my mobile phone to navigate. But in the discription is written that the GPS-mouse mode is USB only? Is that true or didn´t I get it right? I need it to navigate over bluetooth.


Richard Akerman

The M241 provides a full real-time NMEA location stream over Bluetooth.

I will clarify the information in my blog. (Often GPS mouse mode
refers only to tethered, over USB, rather than Bluetooth.)


Thanks for a superb intro to the Holux M-241 which have almost all the features I need. However, I need to have the bluetooth and logging features on at the same time. Is this possible?.
Knowing that in a car or plane I can view my position in, say Map Point, and when done I can take only the M-241 with me and download to the Google Earth would be nice. Any other GPS gadget that can accomplish this if the M-286 can't?

Richard Akerman

The M-241 can do simultaneous Bluetooth and logging.


Many thank for the great review! You were wondering about problem of stopping logging before turning the device off. I read other review (I can't find the link, now), where reviewer couldn't download any data from M-241 (file(s) were 0 bytes long). He suspected that it was due to battery died while logging.

That seems to be consistent with manual, at least. I hope that future firmware upgrade will fix that issue, as I am going to give it a try, anyway.


Stephen Hui

Hmm curious, I wonder how accurate of a GPS receiver it is compared to say a Sirf III or other MTK based receivers. I am thinking this is a good car bluetooth GPS for my PDA but I'm not sure if it's a good replacement for my Holux GPS-Slim 236. The fact that it only works upright is a bit of a challenge too since that means I'll need a window mount for the GPS. I don't need it so much as a logger but I find the little display great for say a cycling odometer. :)

Franco M. Lazzuri

Please, anyone got it working with a NOKIA Phone (mine is Symbian/Nokia E90)? Please, I bought to use with google maps thru blutooth, but after a success pairing, it don't work receiving data. HELP, please.


Hello, i also have a M241 device and had the following problems:

- When you download the logfiles to your computer, you can see (as mentioned above) two files. A google earth .klm-file and a .trl-file. If you got some waypoints in the long./lat.-menue you have aditional two files called Holux_M-241_Waypoints.kml and Holux_M-241_Waypoints.trl if your device's name is set to "Holux". If you download another log, be aware of the software overwriting the old waypoint-files.

- With the Holux Logger Utility software you can convert the .trl-file in other formats. e.g. NMEA but you only get the GPRMC-tags without altitude information!!!


You can also choose TEXT format which gives you information about the altitude (in Meter)

"8.30xxxxx,50.52xxxxx,205.02,Thu Mar 13 13:09:08 2008"

At least the GPX format (xml) (without altitude) :-(

"... gpx version="1.0" ... trkpt lat="50.5xxxxx" lon="8.4xxxxx" ... time ... 2008-03-13T11:51:54Z ... /time ... name ...![CDATA[Point 0]] .../name ... /trkpt"

- Another thing - the device does't function in the southern hemisphere (http://www.plumbargains.com/wordpress/index.php/2008/03/13/holux-m241-gps-data-logger-receiver/)

greets from germany


I had no success transfering the data from the M241 to the PC.

Firmware V1.6 (with german language)

No success via Bluetooth:
OS: Windows 2000SP4 and XP SP2

via USB ok only on XP, not via bluetooth

Can anybody help me?


I'm also not able to use the Holux M-241 with my Nokia E61i.

The E61i is able to BT pair with the M-241 but does not work with the Nokia navigator where it'll show the satellite status.

I've taken some photos of the Holux M-241.



Hello folks,

here you will find a software package that contains a new USB driver, the new HOLUXLoggerUtility and firmware 1.11 in english. Hope that will fix the problems on the southern hemisphere.


The output format .gpx now has altitude information.
The NMEA txt-file not :-(

Is there anybody who can test, if the device now works correct on the southern hemisphere?

Hast Du wirklich die Firmware 1.6 auf deutsch? Kannst Du mal probieren, ob man mit dem neuen HOLUXLoggerUtility die Firmware sichern kann? Wenn ja, würde ich mich über eine Kopie freuen :-)



I've tested a few GPS programme with my E61i and the Holux M-241.

No go with Nokia navigator, SmartcomGPS, MGmaps and Agis AsiaMaps.

It does work with Trek Buddy and Nav4all.


David Clapp

Firmware 1.11 includes an "autolog" setting to eli,inate the extra, manual step to start logging.

It also includes 1 Hz time logging.


I´ve just bought one M241, but it didn´t work with batteries... I bought new alkaline batteries, but nothing happened, only works with the car adapter or connected to PC... does anyone knows what could it be?


I'm finally able to use the Holux M-241 with my Nokia E61i.

I need to delete all my previously paired GPS in the BT Paired Devices.

The Holux M241 now works with all the GPS software on my E61i.

I'm now using AFtrack to check the satellite status instead of using the Nokia Navigator.




I applied the firmware 1.1. I am not sure what happened but after the upgrade, my bluetooth address has become 00:00:00:00:00:00. But the GPS receiver is working and I can use it using the usb cable. But i am not able to connect to the device using bluetooth. Any idea on how to set the bluetooth address on the device.


The logging feature works fine here in Australia, so it looks like the "southern hemisphere" bug is fixed in fw 1.11.


Just tried using the latest BT747/iBlue747 pc software to access the Holux M-241
Not checked it out fully yet but seems that I can modify the Holux settings from the pc, and a nice surprise is the M-241 LCD screen setting options have changed to include an autolog and backlight option. Powered up the M-241 on its own and the position logging started automatically upon getting a fix, and the backlight stayed on for 60 secs as I wanted also.


some considerations:
1- I upgraded to 1.1 firmware and i'm using it in southern hemisphere normally
2- The firmware upgrade sw tells you if the upgrade procedure is unsuccessf8l, you may lose your BT address. to fix you must upgrade again using the SAME COMPUTER you upgraded it the first time (since it saved your address there, i think)
3- i also confirm the new autostart mode works well

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