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August 27, 2008



Here is a review and pricing information of the GP-1.




The Nikon GP-1 is officially out on 281108(Fri) at a price of ¥22,050



I just received my GP-1 from Amazon and it doesn't work! The red light flashes but never turns green, as if the unit doesn't get satellite signal. Any suggestions?

Richard Akerman

@susy Time to first fix can be extremely long. And generally speaking you can't get a fix indoors (right next to a window with good sky view can be an exception). What a GPS receiver needs to establish an initial fix is a long, stationary, unobstructed sky view. Although it may sound funny, the ideal situation for GPS is standing in the middle of an open field. The more the sky is blocked, the longer it will take, so in a downtown with tall buildings (so-called "urban canyon") it can take extremely long to establish a first fix, if you can get one at all. Now, this is not about sky conditions, it doesn't matter if it's cloudy, rainy, foggy etc. It's about how much sky is in view of the GPS, because that is a proxy for how many GPS satellites it can see, and how strong their signals will be. Even under ideal conditions a first fix may take 15 minutes. Once it has a first fix (establishing all the initial parameters it needs), then subsequent fixes should be better, a couple minutes at most when starting from no satellites. Hope this helps.

Sheila Tofflemire

I bought the GP-1 as a Christmas present for my husband - for his D90. It didn't work at all - no lights - red, green or otherwise. We returned to the camera store; they tried it on their D90s - same story. The store sent for a new GP-1; we went to pick it up, but brought our camera with us to try it in the store. Same story - no lights, period! It wouldn't work on the store's D90s either. We gave up - got out refund - and we won't be wasting time on this product ever again.

Russ Bockstedt

I have had the same problem with GP-1. When I connect it to my D90 and turn camera power switch on, neither the camera or the GP-1 power up. I need to shut off the D90, disconnect the GP-1 and then I can power up the D90 normally.


You have to enable it in the menu of the camera I believe.

Alfred Taylor

Can you use the GP-1 and the attachable shuttle release at the same time?

Jonathan Crowe

Alfred Taylor: The GP-1 has a pass-through for the MC-DC2 remote, so you can use both of them at the same time.

Alfred Taylor

Based on the comments above -- it seems as if nobody has had a good experience with the GP-1.. Why should I buy one? Does anyone have a good report?


Hi.. i have the GP-1 and love it. Make sure you aren't trying it for the first time indoors. Its wont find a signal. I even went into my back yard and no signal (because of the house).. so i went out front and in about 30 seconds i had a solid green. Now in subsequent uses, it even works inside.

I took it out to the mountains last weekend and it plotted my position perfectly. When i open the photos on the new iPhoto 09 which has the 'places' feature, all of my photos are automatically plotted on the map and even the location name is assigned automatically. I'm going to leave it on my camera all the time, its my favourite feature. Oh i'm using it with the d300.

Here's what i suggest. when you use it for the first time, make sure you've set it up properly in the menu. Then go to a park or somewhere outdoors with no obstructions and let it register with the satellites for the first time. you should have no problems after that (if it works in doors, great, but dont get upset if it doesnt). If you are indoors, go outside, snap a photo, then take all the rest you need to indoors. You can simply copy all the location information from the outdoor pic later (if you were at a house or something).

Good Luck!

George Chandler

Anybody know if it works with the D-200? The Nikon web site does not list it as a compatible cmera but your review above suggests it would work.


I just ordered by second GP-1 from Amazon and same problem as others. Doesn't light up or do anything on my Nikon D90. I noticed that if I plug in a usb cable from my Mac to the back USB port of the unit it will light up - but won't light up on it's own.

On a positive note Amazon's service is pretty great. They next-dayed a second unit to me when I reported the first didn't work. Sucks that both fail though. Perhaps the port on my D90 is damaged. Nikon makes them way too fragile.

Jaye Jones

The problem with it not lighting up is often that the cable is not pushed in all the way into the GP-1. You will actually feel two clicks when inserting it. You have to put some ooomph on it. The problem I am having is getting it to sync with the GPS satellites. I tried to take pictures of my children in an open field with no obstructions for at least 300 yards and it wouldn't go green the entire time. I was so frustrated by the last shot I swore I would send the thing back to Nikon. For over $200, I figured that it would work a little more consistently.


GP-1 doesn't work with D90 !!!
I had mine repaired 3 times already. The problem doesn't come the GP-1 but from the connector at the base of the camera. It's too fragile. After a few connections, this connector gets loose and disable connection with the GPS unit. NIKON must be aware of this by now, as there a growing number of unhappy users. It is clearly a problem of conception wich only affects D90 users (no pb with D300 as it's a different kind of connector)


The GP-1 connects to the D-90 poorly. After only a few uses, the cable connector damaged the port on the D-90 body and the GPS unit lost power. For the unit to work again, one has to jiggle the plug into the port repeatedly and hold it there once the unit regains power. This is very clumsy. Others have experienced the same problem. For instance, I found one guy saying: "after a short period of time, the D-90 that it was connected to had the jack that the plug connects to damaged because of how it is designed." Another comment I found online: "The connector to the camera sticks out a lot and it easily gets moved around. On my camera that manifested itself in a loose port in the camera and I had to send in my camera for repairs."

Bottom line: don't buy it.


I have the same problem with my Nikon GP-1 GPS connecting with my Nikon D90 DSLR camera. It worked great for a few months, but now the connection where the GPS cable plugs into the D90 camera body has become faulty. The symptoms are just the ones that Julien and Cindy described above.

What's the most economical, safe and quickest way to get my D90's GPS connection port and/or the GPS cable repaired? I live and work in Manhattan, New York City. A Nikon service center or Nikon authorized repair center in Manhattan where I could drop off the camera and pick it up would be ideal for me, but if that's not possible or too expensive, then I'd mail my camera to a Nikon service center. I've had the camera for less than 1 year. Would it still be under warranty?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can post advice here on how and where to get this problem fixed.


Does it print the data on the photo?
Like some date stamps.


Richard Akerman

Larry, it's a good question. I don't know of any integrated GPS cameras that have the ability to stamp the lat/long on a photo, but I have to admit I've never checked for that feature.


Hi. I bought a GP-1 about 5 months ago. It looks like the GPS finds the sattelites with no problem. I get a steady green light after just a few seconds.
But I can not find the GPS data anywhere on my pictures. I have read the manual and done exactly as it says.
Am I missing something?? Anyone got any ideas?


Kevin Foster

Same problem: poor connection to camera body. Am awaiting response from Nikon to see what they can do or me.


I have a nikon gps1 and d300. It worked perfectly for 3 months and now I cant get the green signal, standing in a field or not. I am now in Australia and Nikon does not honor the warrantee because it was not purchased in this country. Any ideas



Borrowed the GP-1 to try on my D90, quick in finding satellites and doing as promised. However, after taken pic's no GPS data available in playback mode or on PC after uploading. Any ideas on how to overcome that issue? I am also worried like others with the connector to the camera. Why is it sticking out so far? Could have been easy overcome with a 90 degree plug, designers, please think and make it user friendly.


Ordered the GP-1 from Amazon, it recieves the signal (solid green light), but the GPS icon does not appear anywhere in my display. And in the menu the 'Position' option cannot be selected. Does anybody know why this happens? I haven't been able to geo-tag any pics yet.


I have a D5000 by the way.

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