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January 26, 2009


Claudio Schapsis

Agree, the blue arrows are weird.
Just wanted to leave the same impression I posted in wired in case you want to further discuss:

My first impression seems he choose the wrong privacy settings. It surely can be isolating, or may be helping you to develop social skills. You can be alone in a bar full of people and in company at home twittering with friends (I personally would choose being WITH friends at home!).

Location used in the right manner can result in really cool applications. My blog ( http://www.bdnooz.com ) list 80 new Location Aware Social Networks http://bdnooz.com/lbsn-location-based-social-networking-links/ and I recently published a new article regarding those networks and Privacy ( http://bdnooz.com/2009/01/20/location-based-social-networks-is-privacy-overrated/ )

The fact is that the accessibility of technology creates communities and services. The simplification of web page building facilitated the rise of communities like FaceBook, MySpace, LinkedIN and others. The commoditization and accessibility to digital cameras, camcorders, and webcams has paved the way to communities like YouTube and Flicker or services like SnapFish. GPS devices became a commodity, and soon GPS in a cellular phone will be as common as a camera and we will get used to it as we are to all other exhibitionist social networks I mentioned above.

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