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May 01, 2009



Thank you for posting a review on this Richard. I originally had this pre-ordered and then decided to hold off until I saw a report on OS X compatibility.

This looks like it will do the job on my camping trip at the end of the month.

Allen Huffman

I would be curious to see a line-map comparison between the CS1 accuracy and the CS3. The CS1's main flaw, for me, was how long it took to acquire a signal. I have tagged tens of thousands of photos with my CS1, and when I take it to someplace like Disney, where you go in and out of covered areas and show buildings all the time, that causes issues.

The CS1 (or the Mac software I used?) will estimate where photos could have been, between old signal and new signal. I hope to CS3 also does this?

The Sony HDR-XR500V camcorder has GPS built in, and locks very fast, but if it loses signal it just stops tagging the images until it finds the signal again. There also appears to be no way to extract the GPS log, in case I wanted to use the data to tag images taken on a still camera at the same time. (And, it does not allow the GPS to remain on, but place the camcorder in standby mode.) Sony could have given us quite a bit of GPS3 support in their new camcorders.


has anyone tried this with the new iPhoto 09 Places feature? Does it work easily?


Silly that it doesn't have a CF slot, this makes the unit pretty useless for owners of many of Sony's DSLR models, incl. the a900 (nobody in their right mind will give up UDMA access CF memory for MS, just to use that GPS module...)
Big question is, if at least it would also tag ARW (raw) images, or if it's limited to tagging jpegs...


Will it work on a Canon D500?


And also Richard, where do you personally clip it? do you just keep it on your pocket? and also I work on windows 7, any idea if the software works on windows 7? thanks for the info really good job on the review I found it very helpfful.


Anybody have any recommendations for how to use this with a mac for creating a tagged map given that you cannot use the software?




thanks for the updates and review. one piece is missing though - the MAC software that can use .LOG files to geotag all photos. I have no Windows anywhere, not even in parallels so it will be an adventure for me to tag photos without a software. I did find a software for MAC that uses .GPX files but not sure if this will work >>> http://www.earlyinnovations.com/gpsphotolinker/

do you know if structure of .LOG and .GPX is the same but just different extension, perhaps? they both must be XML files, i assume...

Anyway, any thoughts, ideas or links to the software for MAC to make this happen?


Fritz Jörn

The inner works of CS3 seem feeble, the menu is weak (the display goes dark while tagging, etc.), the best is the idea. Careful: Save your pictures to the PC before tagging them in the CS3, just in case. I had pictures tagged but destroyed, probably due to my nervous handling. Another hint: If the CS3 seems dead and gone forever, switch off the hold slider. [email protected]


Mac OSX. Try using Houdah GPS or Load My Tracks - both work with CS1 and are freeware. If you use Aperture for your photos get a copy of the excellent MaperturePro - about $40 from Ubermind (I think there might be an iPhoto version coming soon)


Forgive me but I am not familiar with this GPS-CS3 terminology. My question is; I am thinking of buying a Sony a850 DSLR camera. Will the CS3 allow me to tag GPS coordinates when I am on on location, say in remote countryside (assuming I get a signal)? I believe Canon has a USB device that will allow this on my other camera of interest, the EOS 5D MkII. I have a Mac computer running Tiger. Thank you.


Footnote to my comment re Sony a850 and GPS-CS3. I have a Garmin Nuvi. Will this work coupled to the a850 via USB on location - as it will with Canon 5D MkII? Thanks again.

Eric Wu

Does anyone know what is the max size of the SD memory you can insert into the the unit and be recognized. Will it recognize a 16gb or a 32gb stick?

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