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June 08, 2009


morgen peers

thanks for the info! very helpful.


I tried to enable tethering today with 3.0, and it said I needed to contact my carrier. Anyone else?

C. Sheppard

@John - I tried it as well and got the same message. They do say "shortly after" the upgrade so maybe it's not ready yet.


Thank you for the information! I just talked to a Rogers rep who confirmed they still didn't have any information regarding the new pricing / plans that will go into effect on December 31st regarding iPhone tethering.

The best case (don't get me wrong - it would still piss me off..!) would be to lower the 6Gb / 30$ month to something like 4Gb for 30$, tethering included. The worse case would be to charge an extra 30$ fee for 2 Gb of tethering...


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